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Factory – Headquarters

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Factory – Headquarters

Hisarlı Marble boasts an impressive facility at the forefront of industrial production, spanning a vast area of 600,000 square meters annually. Our factory, meticulously divided into an 8,500 square meter enclosed working space and an 18,500 square meter expansive open area, converges seamlessly within a total area of 27,000 square meters.

This colossal infrastructure provides an ideal environment for the production of specially designed high-quality travertine materials, offering a competitive advantage in the creation of natural floor and façade coverings. Our expertise lies in crafting premium travertine products tailored to the unique requirements of various architectural and design projects. We cater to a diverse range of environments, from museums and historical living spaces to tourist facilities and residential buildings.

Hisarlı Marble emphasizes its mission of adding timeless beauty and longevity to spaces by accentuating the aesthetics and functionality of its products. The natural travertine brought to life from nature is carefully processed to provide our customers with a unique experience.

Our philosophy is rooted in combining the wisdom of nature with the most advanced production techniques. Our slogan, "From nature to life, natural travertine," reflects our commitment to providing quality products with an environmentally friendly production approach. Our dedication to minimizing environmental impact, along with our commitment to creating durable products, forms the foundation of our sustainability and environmentally conscious practices.

When Hisarlı Marble combines its comprehensive and thoughtfully designed facilities with its commitment to natural aging and sustainability principles, it becomes an outstanding partner in enhancing the beauty and durability of your architectural projects. Discover our quality and bring the elegance of nature to your projects.

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