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About Us

Hisarlı Mermer Traverten - Türkiyenin Traverten Markası

Are you ready to discover our carefully crafted travertine stones, each inspired by nature? We, Hisarlı Marble, embark on a journey with a mission to preserve the unique beauties nature has bestowed upon us, with our factory and travertine quarry located in Denizli.

Vision of Preserving Nature
As we build the future, we are committed to preserving our past and protecting our nature. Our range of products, obtained through the craftsmanship of weathering with water and stone, is a reflection of our environmentally friendly production philosophy.

The Art of Weathered Travertine
Our travertines, extracted from the rich stone quarries of Denizli, are carefully weathered through handcrafting. Each stone, inspired by nature, gains an aesthetic air that reflects the past. Our slogan, "From nature to life with natural travertine," summarizes the beauty of natural stone and our environmentally conscious production.

Environmentally Friendly Production
For us, the environment is not just a part of our business but also a part of the world we live in. Therefore, we design our production processes to have the least impact on nature and carefully select stones for a sustainable future.

Our Mission
As Hisarlı Marble, our mission is to bring our travertine stones, inspired by nature, to your living spaces with aesthetics and durability, while also preserving the beauty nature has provided us.

Our Vision
Our vision is to spread the unique texture and beauty of travertine worldwide, bringing the elegance of natural stone to everyone, while maintaining our environmental sensitivity throughout the process.

Contact Us
If you want to beautify your living spaces with travertines brought to life from nature and produced in an environmentally friendly way, feel free to contact us. Let us bring the aesthetic texture of nature to your home with personalized solutions.
At Hisarlı Marble, we are eager to introduce you to our stones brought to life from nature!
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