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Our Travertine Quarry

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Our Travertine Quarry

Proudly standing as a leader in the industry with our recognized quality production, Hisarlı Marble is a reference in travertine production. Our quarry, strategically located in the Ballık Boğaz region amidst the rich travertine deposits of Denizli, leverages its geological advantages to become a cornerstone in the industry.

Inspired by the exceptional natural resources of Denizli, we play a leading role in the production of high-quality travertine. Thanks to our unique geographical position, our quarry provides abundant access to first-rate travertine sources, thus differentiating our impact in the industry. Our mission is to use these precious natural resources in the most efficient and sustainable manner, setting our high standards for travertine production.

Annually, we produce an impressive average of 30,000 cubic meters, equivalent to 81,000 metric tons of first-class travertine blocks. This production is achieved through the meticulous extraction of carefully selected travertine blocks, preserving their natural beauty. Through the combination of modern technology and our expert team, we are committed to providing our customers with aesthetically appealing, durable, and high-quality products.

At Hisarlı Marble, our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility is as important as our production activity. We integrate environmentally friendly methods into our production processes, utilizing natural resources optimally to minimize our environmental impact. Concurrently, we support local communities by providing social assistance, honoring our responsibility to society.

As Hisarlı Marble, we continue to play a pioneering role where the naturalness and aesthetics of travertine meet modern architecture. While offering the highest quality products to our customers, we remain conscious of our responsibility to nature and society. We progress resolutely to maintain our leadership in the industry and innovate further, as our journey from nature to art never comes to an end.

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