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One of the reasons why travertines are preferred on stairs is their natural and aesthetic appearance. In addition, their cuttable properties and resistance to slipperiness are also reasons for preference. This material helps create safe and stylish stairs.

Standard product dimensions (metric unit of measurement):
3x33x61 , 3x33x100 , 3x33x120 3x33x130 3x50x150 , 3x33x150

Apart from standard sizes, we produce special sizes for you.



Travertine stairs have been a preferred option for many years. The main reason for this is that travertine is extremely resistant to sun, rain and other weather conditions due to its natural structure. Thanks to this feature, while stairs made of concrete and other materials may wear out and become unusable over time, travertine stairs can be used for a long time. For this reason, many outdoor stairs are made of travertine material.

Our company has many different types of travertine stairs to suit the demands of our customers. As with other applications such as floor coverings and facade coverings, there are many types of stairs available to suit customer preference. Travertine stair stones are among the most preferred models by customers. In our company, there are many colored travertine stones that we procure from Denizli, and we also use travertine stones from Sivas and Afyon.

We provide service with travertine step poses suitable for all step pose types. We have been successfully providing this service for a long time both outdoors and indoors. While in the past, travertine stairs were generally used outdoors, today we often come across examples of travertine stairs indoors.

It is also possible to cover your existing stairs with travertine. We frequently apply travertine marble stair covering and receive positive feedback from customers. We offer not only travertine staircase marble covering, but also many different stair covering options. Wooden stairs can be particularly challenging in terms of maintenance and may not be at the desired level in terms of durability. Therefore, it would be best to choose travertine.

Travertine stair covering is a reliable and decorative option as well as being cost-effective. One of the most well-known features of travertine material is its color diversity. You can give your home, entrance or workplace a stylish look with colorful travertine stairs. In addition, since it is easy to clean, it is especially preferred indoors.

Standard product dimensions (metric unit cm):
3×30.5×61, 3x33x61, 3x33x100, 3x33x120 3x33x130, 3x33x150
It recommends thicknesses and sizes appropriate to the conditions, taking into account material hardness and usage. Please consult us for workable sizes regarding the colors you like.

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